If you think you signed a signature that may have compromised your assets on Opensea, use this little security tool to invalidate those signatures. Please note that no one can detect if you have created such signatures in the past.

If you want to know more, check out this very valuable thread by WiiMee.eth on Twitter

Attention: the two actions will also invalidate all genuine listings you have on Opensea!

Technical details

By clicking the button, we interact with two Opensea contracts. Please always make sure that the address shown in MetaMask really corresponds to the Opensea contracts.

We call a function on the contract that increases the signature (nonce) counter. By doing this, if a signature with an "older" nonce is presented to the contract, it will be rejected as invalid. Obviously, this will invalidate any signature that was created by you, including legit ones (which we can't detect).

Link to the contracts on Etherscan (please compare with what is shown on MetaMask):

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